Friday, 7 August 2015

10 Ways To Be Happy Right Now

Today I thought I’d do a happiness post. Sometimes its really hard to be happy but if you're struggling its really worth giving these a go, they work well for me!

1.       Smile. Even if you don’t feel like it. It instantly brightens your mood and others around you. You never know, someone else may be feeling miserable as well and you could make their day.

2.       Do something you enjoy doing. Whether it be lounging around at home in front of the TV with some goodies, going to the pub for some food and drinks, going shopping, playing games or just listening to some music. If you’re doing something you enjoy, your mood will lift and you will forget about whatever is on your mind.

3.       Buy yourself that thing you’ve been lusting over for months. Whether it’s an item of clothing, a bag, shoes, makeup, anything. If you’ve wanted it for ages, and haven’t bought it yet, do it!

4.       Buy an item of clothing you know you’ll look good in. If you know you look good in something, you feel more confident and therefore much happier. For example, I’ve recently discovered orange lipstick, and when I wear it at the weekends (feels a bit bright for the week) I feel so happy and confident.

5.       Wear something bright. If you’re wearing black or grey all the time, your mood is likely to be the same. If you add a bit of colour to your outfit, it can lift your mood pretty much instantly. 

6.       Do some exercise. I know when you’re feeling down, exercise can be the last thing on your mind. But it’s proven to release happy endorphins, so it’s worth a shot. No matter what exercise you do, as long as you get your blood pumping, you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel happier (plus if you exercise regularly you’re going to get a hot body too, which will make you feel good!)

7.       Grab a friend and give each other a makeover based on how you’d do your own makeup. Take pictures. It can be a really fun activity and you might find a new makeup look you really like (or you could hate it but at least it’ll be a laugh). Plus if you take pictures you’ll have the nice memories to look back on forever.

8.       Take a walk. Walking can clear your head big time. If you feel down about something, take a walk and ask yourself why you’re letting whatever it is get to you so much. The fresh air can do wonders for perspective.

9.       Write a list of all the things you like about yourself. It can be anything, your eyes, your hair, but it doesn’t just have to be cosmetic things. It can be the pasta dish you make better than anyone you know or the way to resolve a situation.

10.   Play your favourite music and dance around the room like a crazy person. Like when you were a kid, pretending to be Britney Spears with the hairbrush? Remember how much fun you used to have? Relive your childhood and let loose without a care in the world.
That’s it from me. I hope you like my tips and leave yours below for me too. See you soon

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Domestic Goddess

Hi everyone, 

The Great British Bake Off is back tonight and Richard and I are SO excited. I decided to make some cupcakes for work for tomorrow but I'm not the worlds best baker so I bought a salted caramel cake mix from Sainsburys.

I also made dinner as I was back first! I made a quorn sausage and pasta bake which feels like its really naughty food but if you are using your healthy extra a there are no syns on Slimming World. It was so lovely and I can't wait to make it all the time in winter, it really does feel like comfort food.

The cupcakes didn't go as well as I'd hoped, I put a rolo in the middle of each cupcake in the hope that when you bite into it, the caramel and chocolate would ooze out. Instead, the chocolate just set across the bottom of the cases but they still taste absolutely incredible!

Before it went in the oven

Just out of the oven

Before the cupcakes went in the oven

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you again soon! Bye!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Trent River Cruise

Hi everyone! Two weeks tomorrow until I move eeeee... It's starting to feel VERY real now. Anyway, this post isn't about that, it's all about how I spent my day today. For my birthday my Grandparents bought me a cruise on the River Trent with a carvery dinner for me, them and Richard so when they told me about it we booked it for today as we were all free. 

The day was really nice, it was a three hour cruise and you also get a three course dinner (fun fact no 1: this is the only river cruise to prepare all of its food on board apparently). The boat we were on was the Trent Lady and it was lovely. All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming, and the food was really good! I had minestrone soup as my starter, followed by the carvery lunch where I had a vegetarian cottage pie instead of the meat, and finished with a sundae with chocolate sauce for dessert. 

As you go along the river the Captain tells you little facts about the surrounding area 
(fun fact no 2: The Nottingham Forest (city ground) is actually on the County side of the river and the Notts County ground is on the city side).

The boat also passed by the Riverside Festival, which happened this weekend and because its the Sunday we got to see some of the Dragon Boat racing. I will apologise for the lack of photos, like an idiot I didn't think it was going to be very warm today so I wore a black striped top and black skinny jeans and was extremely warm so didn't feel up to taking many, but my Gran took LOADS so as soon as I can get hers from her I'll either do a separate post or add them into this one.

However, it really did brighten up and it was really warm in the end, so after the cruise we got back to mine and had a cup of tea in the garden, and then my grandparents went home. It was such a lovely evening so Richard and I decided to go to the pub and have a drink using the remaining money on my gift card from my birthday. All was well and good and lovely until the flying ants appeared (I still feel itchy now) so we ended up going inside to get away from them!

On the boat!

Before the ants attacked

Sat outside on the boat!

The boat we were on (picture courtesy of Google)

I've had such a lovely day and it was so good to carry my birthday on to the next month (spoilt much?) I'm going to try and get into a routine with my posts and have set days which will be so much easier when we move in so we'll see! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you again soon!