Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sealife Centre Birmingham

Yesterday Richard and I went to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham! Of course I had to drive because he doesn't, and we'd booked for 11 so we left my house in Nottingham at half 9 just in case we got stuck in traffic or I got lost because I'd never driven round Birmingham before. However, I did forget to take my camera so none of my photos are that brilliant, but I had such a brilliant time!

 We'd finished in the Sealife Centre after about an hour so we decided to walk down to the Bullring which would normally be about a 25 minute walk, but because the Christmas market was on it took about an hour! And of course, like the rubbish blogger I am, I forgot to take pictures of the market. It was beautiful though, so much better than Nottingham! And it was enormous! It spread all the way from the ICC to the Bullring and it was just adorable. Their were so many food stalls and little trinket stalls and we couldn't resist the donuts. We both had a caramel donut and it was the single best thing I have EVER eaten in my life! 

We had a quick walk round the Bullring but it was so busy because of the Black Friday sales, it made it too hot and I started to feel unwell, and it was starting to get dark so we started to head back to the car! Then, of all the odds, I bumped into my friend from when we both worked at McDonald's, Becky, with her boyfriend Mark. It was so lovely to see her as I haven't seen her since the summer when we all went to play Crazy Golf because we both get so busy, but we've promised to make plans for very soon!

Anyway, I'm going to get onto the pictures now. I apologise for the quality!

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

November Favourites '14

So tomorrow is the start of December, which officially means Christmas, which means I can play Christmas songs in the car and my boyfriend can't do anything about it! It also means it's time for my November favourites. I haven't really tried much new stuff this month, so there isn't a lot, but I thought I'd do one with some beauty and some random.
 The first thing I want to talk about is the iwhite instant tooth whitening kit! This has made such a difference to my teeth! I actually don't mind smiling anymore, which is crazy because for over a year I hardly show my teeth, after my bottom ones became quite discoloured from medication! It is the only one I've tried that's made any difference.
The next thing is my Tangle Teezer. I have quite short hair (just above my shoulders) but it's naturally very curly so I have to brush it A LOT and I've found with this I don't have to brush it anywhere near as much and it just feels so soft and healthy.
 To go along with the tooth whitening kit I have been using this toothpaste and mouth wash and I believe that these two have also made a huge difference! I hate the taste of toothpaste, even though I love mint, and it often makes me feel quite ill but I've never had that problem with this!
Onto beauty products, I included this in a recent haul post and it has become a firm favourite and is my everyday go to colour! I honestly don't know what I did before I had this in my life, it's a dream to apply and stays on virtually all day!
I've been using the Soap and Glory Supercat Liner for a while now, and it is honestly the easiest eyeliner to use in the world! And the only one I've found that actually stays on my eyes (which is a bonus I guess). It's a felt tip liner so it just glides on and it makes doing my eyeliner in the morning so quick and simple and I can't see myself using anything else anymore!
Finally for beauty, I have my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. For ages I've had the eye brushes and have wanted to buy this but I never got round to it, but I was in Boots a few weeks ago and I went for it and I definitely do not regret it! It applies my foundation so seamlessly and blends it so well. I have always used my hands before now but I'm officially converted to brushes!

Onto the random, me and my boyfriend were in Birmingham yesterday and we nipped in a little Spar shop to get a drink and I picked this up. It is THE NICEST drink I've ever had (besides tea of course) and it was so cheap. He didn't like it though, because he's a raving lunatic, but it was that nice, I went back and bought 4 more!!

Next up is this candle! I bought this from Home Bargains a few weeks ago and it is the only thing I have burnt since! It was only £2.99 and it is the nicest candle I've ever smelt and has such a strong smell, which is rare in cheap candles but I was very impressed! I also buy their Mulled Wine candle every year for Christmas time so I'm excited to start burning that!

Next up is the bag I bought the other week from Primark! It's made so well and I use it every single day. It feels a lot more sturdy than they usually do and I definitely over fill it. 

And finally, my music favourite of the month is Beartooth's album Disgusting! They received Rock Sounds no.2 album of the year which I am so happy about as I am completely obsessed and it means that my boyfriend will actually have to buy it, as he buys the top 50 over the year!

So that is everything for my favourites, I hope you enjoyed it and come back soon! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Beauty Haul

I've collected some new beauty items lately so I thought I'd share them! There's not a vast amount but there's enough to write a post about.
The first thing I bought is this tooth whitening kit. It's by iwhite and it contains 5 sets of trays, so you have 5 days worth. It makes a slight difference the first time and you can either use it once in a while or you can use it for 5 days in a row. So far I'm really enjoying using it, but it does taste disgusting if I'm honest. However, I have noticed a difference, especially on my top teeth.
The next thing is this Pure eye roll-on. I am INCREDIBLY lazy when it comes to eye cream, which I know is bad, so I bought this in the hope it would encourage me to look after my under eyes a bit more. It also leaves you feeling more awake and refreshed because it has caffeine in.
I get through hair grips like crazy so I bought this from B&M Bargains! They just vanish and I have literally no idea where. I get through about 3/4 of these a year. It has smaller ones on the sides and then really long ones in the middle, and for 99p for 200 it's a complete bargain and you can't really go wrong!

Next I have the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub (wow what a mouthful). I bought this from Tesco a few weeks ago because my skin has been feeling really dry, dull and flaky lately and it's brought so much life back into my face! I've found my foundation goes on a lot easier and smoother and my whole complexion looks a lot brighter.

Next I have the Mitchum deodorants in the roll on and spray. These are the best deodorants I have ever used and they are well worth the money! They have a really nice smell to them, they smell quite like talcum powder, and because the roll on is like a stick rather than a liquid, you don't have to wait for it to dry which is a bonus!

 Okay I FINALLY gave into the hype and bought a Tangle Teezer and it's the best thing I've ever done for my hair! It just runs through my hair so easily and it's so cute and it's so much easier to carry around with you than a big hairbrush! I bought the pink and green one and it was £10.99 from Boots.
I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to moisturising so I thought I'd give this a go. I can't stand the sticky feeling and the waiting for it to sink into your skin with normal moisturisers/ body butters and things but this needs no time at all and it's not sticky in the slightest, plus it smells lovely!

This always has and always will be a firm favourite of mine! I always have one spare to hand so I never run out. I use it every single day with the foundation that goes with it and I honestly couldn't be without it!

And finally, my favourite purchase of all! The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush! Everyone raves about these because they really are just the best brushes. It is so good for applying foundation, it blends so nicely and gives me a really nice, even coverage and I'm honestly starting to wonder what I ever did without it!

So that is everything for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading! See you soon.

Monday, 24 November 2014

NOTD: Christmas penguins

Just a short post to show you the nails I have been loving lately! Since I got my new job, I have been able to have painted nails for work! I have become completely obsessed with the Primark false nails for £1 and when I saw these Christmas ones I fell in love, and I obviously stuck them on pretty much straight away. I just couldn't resist!

 Just look how cute they are!! I think they are SO adorable and I also bought some ones with Santa hats on for Christmas day and it literally makes me so excited for Christmas! Christmas is honestly my favourite time of year and I can't wait to spend time with all my friends and family.

What's In My Bag?

I'm going a bit crazy with the blog posts lately, but I've been missing it big time! I got home from work and thought "hmmm what can I post about tonight?" and I thought I'll do a What's In My Bag post. I will warn you though, my bag is incredibly boring and 99% of things in it are work related.

So this is my bag. It was in my haul post yesterday. It's from Primark and it was £10 which is such a bargain for such a nicely made bag! It's got 2 spinny clasp fastening(?) and a long shoulder strap and is really light and such a nice size for everyday use.
This is what the inside looks like with all my junk in it! As you can see I carry way too much stuff around with me for it to be good for my back.
The first thing in my bag is my folder. This is for my portfolio as I am currently doing a business admin apprenticeship, so everything I do at work goes in this as evidence towards my qualification.

The next thing is my water bottle. Very important of course! I've been really trying to up my water intake recently, and it seems to be helping with my weight loss and my skin!
Next up is my super cute notebook from Tesco. I think it was about £6 and it is such a nice little book to carry around in case you want to quickly jot something down!

Sticking on the stationary route, I have my filofax, which I also bought from Tesco. I bought it in the Spring and it was reduced from £20 to £14 and it is literally the only way I can stay organised!
More organisation, I have my cute little pencil case, also from Tesco, and this was about 50p reduced! It's so adorable and fits just enough pens in it for work.

Next I have my purse in case I need to nip to the shop. I NEVER carry cash with me though so it looks really empty. I literally pay for everything on card, I hate having loads of change.

Obviously my inhaler is very important so I don't die. I hardly ever need it in anymore but I carry it everywhere just in case!

And finally, I have two lip products! On the left is the Rimmel Provocalips in Make Your Move, and on the right is my Derma Original lip balm which is so nourishing and          smooth!

So that is everything that is in my bag! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thanks for reading. Hopefully now I will be back for good!

Living With An Invisible Illness

I know this is a deep topic and I have been gone for a very long time, but I wanted to address the issue of living with an invisible illness. I do live with an invisible illness and it can be quite hard at times, especially when I first came out of hospital after I first became ill, and all anyone would ask is "are you better now?" which, to most people, is not a silly question, however for me it was quite upsetting knowing I would never be 100% better.

So, on to my illness. I have stage 5 renal failure, which was caused by an auto immune condition called Wegener's Granulamatosis vasculitis (what a mouthful!) In simple terms, my immune system creates anti bodies which try and attack my organs. I haven't always had this, but I have always had the faulty gene, and no one is sure what triggered it. Because it wasn't active for the first 18 years of my life, it never showed up on blood tests or anything so in everyone's eyes I was a normal, healthy child. But for some reason it was triggered, and I became ill very very quickly.

I became ill in February 2013. Everyone thought I had a stomach bug but after it went on for over a week, with my doctor fobbing me off, I went to the dentist for a check up who could see there was something seriously wrong and insisted I go back to the doctors. The next day, I went to the doctors and I had a blood test. I was sent home and about 4pm I had a phone call saying I had to go to the hospital and that my kidneys were really not well. 

Because I was completely out of it, I'm not really sure what went on for the first few days but I was in hospital for two weeks in total. When I went in my GFR was 5, and I was very very ill. I was so dizzy and wasn't eating and slept the days away. I was put on dialysis and had plasma exchange. I didn't mind dialysis, it made me warm and sleepy, but the plasma exchange was awful. It made me cold, itchy and irritable. And I couldn't move for like 4-6 hours at a time. 

In the second week, I started chemotherapy to suppress my immune system, so that none of my other organs would be affected. They started me off with Cyclophosphamide, I had one dose of this, before I had 4 doses of rheutuximab, one a week for 4 weeks. That was all okay, I just slept through it all. They did say that because rheutuximab was a kinder chemotherapy, I shouldn't lose my hair, however the hair on top of my head did thin A LOT to the point where I was very unhappy with my natural hair. I've always had fine hair but a lot of it but all of a sudden I pretty much had none.

I've always been a hair extension kinda girl, so that was nothing new to me, but instead of wearing them for length, it was now for thickness as well and I invested in lots of hats to cover the kind of bald patch I had. However, it did start to grow back, and it is now longer than my ears! And there is A LOT more of it as well. I have had a weave since May, and I absolutely love having one, however I recently had it taken out and all my hair cut shorter and it is crazy thick and curly! Since I was a child my hair has been really curly, and I do like it now, I just love having longer hair. I feel it frames my face better and makes my hair look longer!

Anyway, back to the invisible illness. I now take 7 tablets in the morning, and 1 in the evening, and I have hospital appointments about every 3 months. When I last went in September, my GFR was 13 so it has improved, but it will never completely improve. 

I did go on the transplant list earlier on in the year, but I was taken off because I have been stable. I have worked at McDonald's until recently and they were so good to me through it all, however, I felt I needed a change and I have just started an apprenticeship in business administration and I am just getting on my life!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Clothing Haul

This is my first blog post in a long long time. I have tried to post more recently, however I have always had issues where I haven't been able to upload photos to my blog but I finally fixed it so I thought I'd show you what I bought! All these clothes are from Tesco, New Look and Primark within the last month and I know you can still buy them in store. Okay so I am very sorry about the awful photos but I am very out of practise at this! I will be working hard to improve the frequency and quality of my posts, as well as the quality of my photos.

First up is my favourite item I have. It is these shoes from New Look, they are £22.99 and come half way up your foot with little cutouts and a buckle. I know their not very practical when it's raining but I just love them so much and they are so comfortable! I actually didn't buy these for myself though, they were a gift from my boyfriend, as he promised me them if I got the job, which I did!
 The next item I have is this bag from Primark! It was £10 and I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it's such good quality for Primark and there are a lot of details within the bag. It has a little handle on top and a long shoulder strap, with a little twisty clasp to open and close it. I would have preferred it to have gold detailing but we can't have everything we want can we, and I thought it was a bargain.
 Carrying on with Primark, we have this huuuuuuge cardigan. It has grey, black and white flecks and it is very oversized. It is oversized anyway and I upsized as well to make it super cosy. It has pockets on the sides as well so it's very practical and it was £12.
 Moving on to New Look, I have this yellow top I bought about a month ago in the sale. I saw it in my tiny local store and I needed it and the only sizes they had were an 8 or 18 so I went with the 18 and it is too big but I'm just going with it and I wear it a lot! I might take it in so it's more fitted though, as it isn't very flattering at the moment.
 Okay I had been after these trousers from Tesco for a long long time, but as I have been doing Slimming World, I didn't want to spend money on a pair of trousers that wouldn't fit me in a month or two. So I waited until I was into a size 14 and then they went in the sale, so they were reduced from £18 to £12. They are a little too tight still because of the side fastening, but I know that in a few weeks time they'll fit perfectly and I will be wearing them pretty much everyday!
 I am very into my checks and tartan print lately, and this top from New Look caught my eye straight away. It is part of a co-ord with a skirt, however I don't think co-ords suit me, so I just bought the top. I think it was £14.99 and it's a kind of brushed cotton material and I just love the colours.
 Next up I have this basic top from Primark for £1.80. I bought two purple, one black and one white and their so soft and just nice for every day wear and I often wear them to bed, as well, and everyone needs basic t-shirts in their wardrobe!

 I know this picture is awful but I just wanted to get a post up while my photos were uploading, so I have this black and white checked top from Primark which was £8. It is cropped, however I will be wearing it with high waisted trousers as I am definitely not into showing off my midriff!
 Next I have this lovely top from New Look. It was £14.99 and it is white with a gold zip on the back and it has a bumpy/ridged design on it, which can be quite itchy on your arms if I'm being honest so I like to wear a little cardigan with it.
 Staying with New Look, I have these black and white trousers, with a kind of flowery pattern on them. They have a front fastening and are ankle skimming and I find them so flattering! They are such good quality and were quite cheap at £19.99. I will say, however, you do have to iron them, which would be alright but I am incredibly lazy!
 Another pair of trousers is these black jeggings from Primark. They are £7 and wash so well! I would suggest washing them before you wear them because they can be quite tight at first. I have about 10 pairs of these now in various colours and they are so comfy and look so nice with a nice top and some little boots!
 The final item I have is these trousers from Tesco. They have an elasticated waist and ankles so they are tight on the ankle, but are quite baggy on the leg. They have little pockets on the sides and they feel like you're wearing your pyjamas but it's acceptable to wear them out so it's a win win really!
 So that is everything! I hope you enjoyed this post! It isn't the best post in the world, I know I have massive room for improvement and I hope if you're reading this you'll come back for more! Thanks for reading!